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Company Multiprom

Multiprom Dooel-Skopje was established in 1991 year with 100% private capital. The main business of the company is production of confectionary products. The company owns 12 most sophisticated lines for production which are purchased from   Italy and Germany.


From the very beginning of the work the company is constantly on the rise. The management  team is engaged in constant advancement and education of existing and new stuff , Technological development ,modernization and expansion of production. The company owns 50  vechicles  for distribution of the products on the local market, and 9 trucks for export distribution  in 50 countries all over the world . 

Natural taste

Multiprom Dooel-has a big pallet of products: biscuitess , swiss rolls, strudels , wafers,croissants, seasonings , soups , tea, crackers, salty sticks ,hard candies, chewing gums, flips .All the products are with very good quality and original taste. The production is in compliance with HACCP ,ISO 9001:2008 –Quality Management System.
Production  technology and the recipes of the products is Italian. The production capacity is 15.000 tones.

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Mission and vision

Constant improvement of production with professional and motivated associates we have created quality and tasty products for which we are proud. By continuously increasing production and good work, we have secured the export of our products to more than 30 countries.

Our vision is to be a synonym for a company that always sets more standards in all segments of life, operations, trade and investment, following trends and consumer habits and anticipating and creating new ones. It is our desire to be the leaders of the company working in the judgment with the time to come.






The countries in which you can find our products

Annual production

Satisfied customers


Multiprom team

Tasovska Angjelka  

General manager

Tasovski Viktor

CEO and export manager

Tasovska Trajkovic Maja

supply manager

Taskovski Jerko

production manager

Blazevski Igor

regional manager for Balkan and logistic

Trpevski  Novica

regional manager and logistic for Macedonia and Balkans.

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